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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 14, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> brian: and they're adopt ago second family and knew you're raising money to get a playground for your school and mowing for moore. >> mowing for moore ok on facebook. >> brian: thanks so much. nice to meet you. great job. >> thank you. >> gretchen: have a great day. see you tomorrow. bill: we are going to start with a fox news alert. a large cargo plane crashing in birmingham *, alabama. the pilot and copilot are dead. they were both killed in that crash. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the neighbored say they heard a large boom, then several explosions followed. the airbus 300 crashed outside the city's perimeter.
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bill: what do we know about the conditions where that plane crashed? >> reporter: it remains unclear whether weather had anything to do with the crash of flight 1354. we are getting word from the faa where the plane crashed. the crash occurred while the plane was on approach to the airport in birmingham. the ntsb says it's sending a full go-team to investigate the cause of the crash. an airport spokesperson says there are no homes in the area where the plane crashed. the spokesperson describes it as a grassy field. local authorities say no one on the ground was injured, bill. bill: what are we hearing from ups? >> they are trying to assess what's going on as is everyone
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else. the aircraft was an a-300 cargo jet. it was flying to birmingham from louisville, kentucky. a company spokesperson released a written statement saying quote," we are still assessing the details of the incidents. we ask for your patience and that you keep those involved in your thoughts and prayers." bill: thank you, jonathon. martha: mike mclean is at the airport right now. he's the news director for fox five in atlanta. i know you were there visiting family. what did you see? >> i'm standing 100 yard from this aircraft. it's still on fire. birmingham rescue service is
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fighting the fire. the aircraft appeared to have broken into two pieces. i can see the front part of the aircraft, maybe the front third is further up the field about another 100 yards away. i did talk to a witness who said he heard what he thought was a sonic boom. we don't know if there are any injuries on the scene. the neighborhood around the north part of the airport is still closed. martha: we are looking at pictures like this and it looks like the plane blew up in the middle. some of these photographs are yours mike, correct? >> you are exactly correct. the area appears to be the tail in a wing section that appears to be covered with foam.
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that's the portion that's still on fire. so obviously it's a developing situation and we'll be sending pictures very shortly. martha: there will be an ntsb investigation into what happened. fit was coming in for a landing about a half mile from the airport at the time. >> we are lucky the aircraft landed where it did. there were homes in this airport hills neighborhood within 200 to 300 yards. we are lucky there was not more loss of life. martha: the pilot and copilot were killed in this crash. in terms of what people witnessed on the scene, you described it as a sonic boom, according to one person, correct? >> reporter: the neighbor i spoke with said he hears noise from the airport on a regular basis but this shook him out of
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bed. i can confirm about the weather conditions at the airport. we have a continuous drizzle and it's very, very overcast. weather conditions all morning at the airport were less than optimum. martha: a tragic accident for two employees of ups. >> fire on the streets of cairo and reports of dozens dead yet again today. heavily armed security forces using bulldozers, moving in on camps made up of supporters of the ousted president mohammed morsi. what is happening in cairo there, leland? >> reporter: there are
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protests all over egypt. muslim brotherhood members are trying to storm government offices. one news agency says more than 100 muslim brotherhood claim thousands of their members have been killed. the violence came when the government moved in on the camps set up by the muslim brotherhood. the army said you have a week to leave. that was a week ago, then gave them a couple more days. since then there are neighborhoods on fire and running street battles as the army is chasing members of the muslim brotherhood through the streets of cairo, trying to get them off the street. an army-affiliated tv sayings just went on the air saying there will be extreme measures
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taken in order to restore calm to cairo. bill: who fired the shots first? do we know who shot at whom? >> the army put out video that shows members of the muslim brotherhood firing ak-47s out at the army and at the police. both video on the ground and video looking down at these protest camps. remember the muslim brotherhood made it clear their protests are peaceful. coptic christians buildings have been torched. they are on the side of the army. a number saying they would rather die in the street rather than continue the army -- rather
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than allow the army to continue to rule. bill: leland vittert live in jerusalem with what many happening today. martha: the latest eruptions in the egyptian revolution got started sticks weeks ago when the military pushed mohammed morsi from power. on the fifth of july morsi supporters were wounded when they tried to march to the military barracks where he was being held. now clashes between soldiers and demonstrators. both sides blame the other for starting the fight. on july 27, 65 morsi support or were reportedly killed in clashes with the police. two days later the largest scale sit-ins began. egypt's military signaled a crackdown on what would come.
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amnesty international said morsi supporters told them the military was torturing members of their group. there is also the death of a 10-year-old girl on her way home from bible school which has caught attention of the world as well. bill: it has been a deadly ending to a hostage standoff in louisiana. a 20-year-old gunman shot dead. police say the gunman was planning this for a long time. >> he was mad at people that he said were mean to him, that he had voices in his head. and we are certainly going to pray he can really hard that
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they keep breathing. sad moment for these families. i bleach their faith and our faith in god we are going pray hard these individuals can make it. >> we are a small community, and everyone knows everyone. bill: the condition of the two injured hostages not known at this time. police say it is not known why the 20-year-old targeted that particular bank. martha: the federal government slammed the brakes on the planned merger between u.s. airways and american airlines parent company. the zwru -- the justice departmt claims the deal would hurt consumers. when watched the continental-united merger. now this one looks like it may be on the ropes.
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>> reporter: it's curious timing. a lot of people thought this would go through because you have got to big airlines. there have been a bunch of big mergers and the airline industry sees in order to compete the companys have to get together. typically you can talk about less competition. in this particular case i think the federal government has it wrong. the companies vowed they would have better routes and hire more people. the pilot's union is worried. american airlines is just coming out of bankruptcy and if this doesn't go through they could slide back into bankruptcy. martha: what do it mean for everyday travelers out there? >> prices have gown. but it isn't ticket prices. it's baggage and cancellation fees. by stopping these two companies from merging that's not going to
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stop airlines from raising their airlines fees. this one is misguide and i find it to be somewhat worrisome because you have one great company, american airline lost its way, it's coming out of bankruptcy, it had an excellent opportunity to merge. and there are some positives with these guys merging for us buff it may not happen now. bill: how private are your personal e-mails? you might want to hear what google has to say about that. martha: we learn how much of obama-care is not ready for prime time. bill: a new report raising questions about the irs and lois lerner. >> you don't get to tell your side of the story then not be subjected to cross-examination. that's not the way it works. she waived her right to the
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martha: we just learned that cameraman rick dean from sky news was shot dead in the violence in egypt. he was with them for 15 years. he was based in washington and also the jerusalem bureau. the rest of the team covering the violence in cairo were unarmed. we have reports of 60 people being killed in the violence. among them sky news cameraman mick dean was 60 years old. bill: the administration will miss a third of the deadlines cap on insurance costs will be delayed at least a year.
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>> if he says to you you are a political contributor of mine and i know obama-care will be hard on you and i'll give an exemption. that's what he's been doing for years now. people who are his contributors have gotten exemptions from obama-care. now he's giving employer exemptions. he can't just write the law. bill: brad was in washington this morning and he's a doctor and is on leave. what do you think about a third of the law will not be on time. >> it's showing the dichotomy within this law and the unfairness with this law. we want equality under the law. we want there to be a balance of power within the united states where the administration is not able to say you are off the
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hook, you are on the hook. this is unfair and it's starting to show up day to day. bill: i want to talk about the subsidies granted to congress. there is a report that shows fewer than 3% of all u.s. federal workers want to give up their current plans and joint exchanges. what does that tell us? >> that tells us that's not the best deal. we want the same thing the american people have. i consider going to congress a service, not a privilege. that's how it's suppose to be. we need to be equal up the law. that's the point we are trying to bhaik our web site no special we want people to say you are against he special favors. bill: that's relevant to the
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subsidy from the congress and to political aides. >> i have hard working staff, they are public servants and they work for the taxpayers. whatever the law is we'll deal with it. we'll do the same thing businesses have to do and that's deal with the law. it's disturbing there are special phase and waivers for different groups. that's the complaint we have. this is not what our founding fathers had in mind. >> that's the big complaint i have. i'm a freshman congressman. i ran because i didn't like how things were. as i said before, you are not in congress to be on privilege, you are there because you want to serve. when you write a law you live with that law. if you don't like it repeal it. that wham we have been trying to do is repeal obama-care.
6:20 am
i'm a physician, i see what's coming. there will be a delay in access to care. it's fraught with complications and it's starting to show up. things we have been thinking about for three years. bill: table at the macro level. there are members of your staff that will have to cough up a lot of money if they don't take the subsidies granted a week ago. >> they understand we want a rule of law and they would like to see obama-care repealed. but at the same time whatever we are dealt with we'll deal with. we have taken budget cuts and we'll manage one way or another to make things work. but there is a possibility of a brain drain in d.c. but they wrote the law, and now they have to live with it or change it. that's what i encourage them do,
6:21 am
repeal this law so they can get back to regular order. bill: thank you, sir. martha: the woman behind anthony weiner's latest sexting scandal. sat down with sean hannity. she says he told her who his worst conservative and it's somebody we all know. bill: the a-list taking on the paparazzi head on. >> i fear and feel and fear for my child who is in a car strapped in her car seat. i'm doing my part as a parent. but at any moment i feel like a crash could happen and her life and my life, other innocent
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you even get a $1 million service guarantee. that's security no one can bt. [♪...] [click click] [♪...] bill: google letting users know anyone using their gmail service should not have the expectation of privacy. they may be sharing information with third parties. a consumer watchdog says anyone concerned about keeping their e-mail private should switch e-mail providers.
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martha: we all remember this person who admitted she is sexting with anthony weiner. she has been speaking out. she appeared on fox news with sean hannity. she discussed the unconventional is the mildest way to put it relationship she had with anthony wiener, and she revealed the conservative out there who wiener hates the most. >> reporter: i'm afraid to ask this question but i'm going ask it the on the anyway. but apparently he disliked me. >> he said you were the worst. >> reporter: apparently you agreed with him. >> i expected him to say michele bachmann or some nut i don't like. but he said you.
6:27 am
martha: sean hannity at the top of the list. he said he felt pretty good about it. they had a debate last night with the mayor candidates. last night he suggested he is the candidate in the race who has been honest with the voters out there. maybe a little more honest than most people wanted to hear. but rick leventhal joins us with the latest on this interesting campaign. >> i think it's so boring. fortunately for all of us the candidates had plenty of mud to sling at each other. most of the dirt was flying at serial sexter anthony weiner. >> that's the difference. i owned up to my personal failing. but i have a record i'm proud of
6:28 am
and that's not something the speaker can claim. >> it's clear to new yorkers that neither me nor anybody else on this stage or any new yorker should be lectured i anthony weiner about what we need to apologize for tonight or forever. >> reporter: that is chris tine quinn the current city council speaker. martha: we have some new polls. >> reporter: bill deblasio has ris to the top of the -- rise to the top of the pack. quinn, then wiener with 10%. bill: she is stretching that 15 minutes to a good half-hour.
6:29 am
and she has managed to enjoy a bit of fame that has come her as a result of all of this. anthony weiner was tired, i think. at 10% we'll see if he can name there but it has been a long, difficult road for everybody to have to be watching. bill: the irs and lois lerner pleading the fifth when questioned about the agency's targeting of conservative groups. >> because i'm asserting my right not to testify i know some people will assume i have done something wrong. i have not. one of the basic functions of the fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals and that's the protection i'm invoking today. bill: now we are hearing why it may be difficult to learn the truth about what was happening at the agency in the first place. martha: we explain why your car may say a lot about your roadside manners and who you
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martha: house republicans are
6:34 am
saying that the lois lerner at the irs used her personal e-mail to conduct company business. they say this raises serious concerns about the use of a non-official e-mail account to conduct official business. and we request that you produce all e-mails in your msn account. congressman jordan joins me now. what is your concern about what may be in these e-mails and how successful you will be in retrieving them. >> we'll ultimately get to them if we have to get to them we'll get those e-mails. here is the part that concerns me. we don't even have all her official e-mails yet. here is the lady at the center
6:35 am
of the storm, here is the lady still getting paid by the tax papers and started the false narrative that it was two rogue agents who did and here is the lady who took the fifth and wouldn't answer congress' question and answer the american people. now we are learning she is conduct official business on a personal account potentially hiding it from the american people. we want all her e-mails'. anything that deals with this scandal. we want that information. martha: she took the fifth. we all watched that play out. she has been on a paid vacation throughout the course of this summer paid for by u.s. taxpayers. so where are you going to take this next? >> reporter: you just keep ratcheting up the pressure. we are hoping she is willing to make a deal and give us the information who started it, who orchestrated the targeting the
6:36 am
conservative organizations. you keep putting the pressure on her and get her to come forward and say i want to strike a deal and give information that gets to the heart of this matter so the american people can get the truth. >> we'll see if that is a successful effort. i want to pull up a poll of the american people and what they think of these scandals. 59% of americans say they believe this is not a phoney scandal, this is a serious scandal, yet where is the investigation on this. we have spoke weren't attorney who represents a number of these organizations, and they say none of their people have been even questioned. they haven't gotten a phone call to say what did you experience? exactly what happened to you? >> about a month or so ago i had the chance to question then fbi director mierl. i asked him house the lead agent, how many acts have you assigned and have you talked to victims groups and his answers
6:37 am
wore i don't know, i don't know, i don't know. that causes concern. particularly when the president of the united states when this scandal broke said i want to work with congress to get to the truth. now he's calling it a phoney scandal. every time you pull on a ring this scandal, this ball keeps unraveling more and more. it takes time. i wish it would go faster. but you have got to interview these folks and get to the truth which we ultimately will. martha: is there any indication that any of that has begun? we know this is still going on in cincinnati. the workers said we weren't told to change the policy. we are still sifting through for some of these buzz words and ways to cull out these groups. so any indication that we are getting anywhere at all with any of this? >> we now know it goes to the
6:38 am
irs chief council's office. political appointee. one of the two in the internal revenue service. we know it goes at least that high. as you saw a week and a half ago we ratcheted up the pressure. we said we can't play nice any more, you are giving us redacted pages, empty pages. we are going to subpoena document and we gave them a day when we are going to get information. you have got to ratchet up the pressure if they are going to behave the way they are. we learned lois lerner was doing work from her personal account. but we are not going to stop until we get to the truth. martha: you would think she would want to speak out with her side of the story. we would like to see that. i think the american people would like to see what she has to say. congressman jordan, thank you for being with us this morning.
6:39 am
bill: 22 before the hour. the testimony getting more emotional in the fort hood case. one witness says the crime scene was the worst he had ever seen. that's a member of the u.s. military talking there. martha: republicans take on fellow republicans over the best way to fight obama-care and those on the left are paying attention to how this is playing out. what liberals are gearing up to do on their side. >> you mean to suggest we are not going to fight and we shouldn't fight because we are so afraid of being blamed for it? this is how we get into this mess when we say we are afraid the other side is not going to cave so we have to. so we cave and we cave and we cave and we get obama-care and new entitlement programs that never go away. this is how we get into trouble. good politics follow booed policy. we have to do everything we possibly can to stop obama-care
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martha: how much does your car say about your personality. according to a study in california, people behind the wheel after luxury car, according to this study you tend to go the most inconsiderate drivers on the road. the researchers town the drivers of these two cars were likely to ignore traffic laws and purposely cut off other drivers. the study did not explain why that would be. why do people who drive those two cars toned disobey the law. bill: do you think there is some truth to that? martha: i don't know, i don't
6:44 am
drive either one of those cars. bill: in new york city the cabbies will back away when the suvs come down the road. we are watching you beamer drivers. republicans split on what to do about the president's healthcare laws. while all this is going on, my next guests, democrats are getting organized and bracing for battle. byron york, a coalition of wealthy and determined liberal groups determined to strike back at republican efforts to stop the president's healthcare scheme. the battle will be joined. >> while republicans argue you a monday themselves became care is proving problematic for.
6:45 am
>for -- for some of these groups of. every day we get news of features that will be delayed and all sorts of bad news coming. i think these liberal groups are worried even if republicans don't succeed in defunding it, they will get an next p.r. fight over obama-care because we know the polls have shown ever since obama-care first came out in 2009, that -- that a plurality of the american public doesn't like it. they created a war room for action. there is groups like americans united for change, the center for american progress. they will be going to any anti-obama-care event. there will be people from this group there fighting back, talking about the features available through obama-care and
6:46 am
they will be pushing republicans to come up with their own alternative. bill: that goes with what the president said last friday. but now you have got people learning about the law and the proof is in the pudding. if the law is beneficial people will like it. if it's not, they will turn against it. what we are hearing the last week. if you have got friend in high places, you are getting break on this. the insurance companies, members of congress. employers. those are three big groups. >> the employer mandate was delayed for a year not because of any popular uprising but because of big businesses had complained about it. the same thing with this out of pocket limit which came at the behest of the insurance companies. republicans saw an angle which
6:47 am
is -- wait a minute. the president is listening to big business. what about you, the little buy who will be inconvenienced by it? he's not listening to you. that's the theme you will hear over and over throughout august and september. bill: we found a majority think the implementation is a joke. it's at 57%. but it works towards a bigger issue and that is a mid-term election. how much is on the minds of most buys when you have got a battle for the house in 2014? >> it's greatly on the mind of both sides. butted the facts of the matter are going to change this story. the obama-care exchanges are supposed to start working october 1. january 1 the whole thing will be in effect. the whole thing will be in effect and subsidies will come out. if that's a real inconvenience for millions of americans that's
6:48 am
a huge political problem for the democrats. bill: we'll look forward to what happens. follow me and twitter @billhemmer. because you asked, bya. martha: there are new concerns about the ability to stop voter fraud as another state is asking the justice department for a full review of its voter i.d. laws. bill: mothers in hollywood are fighting back. does a celebrity have a right to privacy? >> reporter: jennifer and i are here to say we are not just whiney celebrities that's times people think we are. we are moms here who are trying to protect our children. it's not about me, take my picture, i get it.
6:49 am
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martha: celebrity moms halle berry and jennifer garland speaking to the legislature. >> what jennifer and i are here to say, we aren't just whiney celebrities many people think we are. we are moms trying to protect our children. it's not about me. take my picture.
6:53 am
i get it. but these little innocent children who didn't ask to be celebrities. they didn't ask to be flown this game and they don't have the wherewithal to process what's happening. >> my three children are private citizens, and at 1, 4, and 7 years old, they are little the price paid for celebrity children is absurdly high. they have a bounty on their heads every day. literally every day there are 15 cars of photographers it waiting outside our home. martha: the author of celebrity inc. you listen to them and you get it. as a moim understand how they feel but on the other hand people say they asked to be big
6:54 am
movie stars and celebrities and a lot of this comes with the territory. >> it's hard because you totally sympathize with these mama bears but at the psalm time they are celebrities who are paid so much more than the average american citizen and what comes with that, the price that they pay is giving up their privacy. and their family privacy. martha: why do you think there is so much interest in the babies, in the kids. i look at the magazines and it's all about the baby bump. not these two women in particular. but a lot of people even publicize their pregnancy. doesn't the whole thing perpetuate itself? >> it does. the number one point is of course the public is fascinated with children in general.
6:55 am
people love babies. but the flip side of this is -- i'm not saying halle berry and jennifer garner, a lot of celebrities do capitalize on their pregnancy and the fact they are mothers. they capitalize on product placement in their lives as mothers. the majority of celebrities -- and i have been in this trifor a long time so i know this well. the majority of celebrities are profiting off the fact that they are mothers. and they are profiting off the paparazzi photos. martha: the bill in los angeles which passed the panel and is heading to the appropriations committee would change the definition of harassment to include photographing a child without the permission of a
6:56 am
legal guardian. all these graphers could be slapped with harassment lawsuits if they take pictures of these kids. >> it's a problem not just for my magazine but for news gathering in general. they are trying to document a news story with video cameras. what are they supposed to do, make sure no child is in any of their frames? i purport these mothers are trying to protect their children, but this is a law with too many absurdities. martha: it's a fascinating situation. and you feel for these kids. but a lot of these folks walked into this situation with both feet. it's a tough one. bill: fox. th -- -- a fox news alert.a tees
6:57 am
after her rescue. what she is saying about the kidnapper, the man who has been shot dead.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: new details about a cargo plane crash that happened in birmingham, alabama. the pilot and copilot confirmed dead in this fiery blaze. the plane went down in a field just shy of the airport's perimeter. we spoke with the news director of our fox affiliate in atlanta who just happened to be on the scene. >> the aircraft appears to have broken in two pieces. they are fighting the fire in what appears to be the wing and tail section of the aircraft. the front third of the aircraft is further up the field 100 yard away. i spoke to a witness who said he
7:01 am
heard what he thought was a sonic boom to see what he described as a fireball. any injuries on the scene, obviously the neighborhood around the north part of the airport is still closed while investigators are trying to put that fire out. it's a brand-new image of the front half of that plane as he described it. it blew up in the middle and came down. the debris covers a half mile. the small craft was en route to louisville, kentucky. no word and what caused that crash. we'll get developments on that throughout the show. a journalist, a skycam aman is among the at least 95 people who have been killed in the deadly new chaos that erupted this morning in egypt. in cairo police and military forces clashing with the protesters at two sit-in camps supporting the ousted president
7:02 am
mohammed morsi. hundreds are wounded in addition to the -- to the 95 last today. bill: at least 90 in one day? similar clashes taking place across the country right now. in cairo alone officials say 200 protesters arrested along with a top leader within the muslim brotherhood. according to family members his 17-year-old daughter was killed. and the united nations today condemning the violence used to break up those protests. martha: joining us, k.t. macfarland. we are getting word they are announcing a state of emergency across egypt that will last for one month. if the egyptian stock exchange and the banks not able to open
7:03 am
thursday. this is an extremely paralytic situation. >> what the military government is trying to do. they feel they have a narrow window to consolidate their power and get rid of their enemies. you are watching a counter revolution again and the real thing egypt needs is security and stability so the tourists come back and foreign investment comes back. if they don't, this is not the last counter revolution we'll see. it will happen again. martha: it's so tragic to watch. there is a groundswell in egypt of people who would love to have a democratic form of government that would provide that kind of stability backed by a military. we take so for granted what we have in this country and the struggle other countries go
7:04 am
through to create some form of that. how does it look like this may tip in this balance? >> you are absolutely right to point out one of the greatest downjewels the united states has, we have civilian control of the military. that's unusual. where does this go from here? i think the problem with egypt is if they don't get that economy going, if they don't get food to the people. they are only living on the subsidized breads from the government. if they don't fix those problems they will continue to have more and more chaos. yesterday the military government fired all the provincial governors and put 19 of the 25 are now generals. obama said i don't like those pesky republican governors. it's exactly what the muslim brotherhood guy did a year ago.
7:05 am
it was like watching a tennis match. chances are it does not end like you said with stability, a consensual government, participatory democracy. i don't see this getting better, i think it gets worse. martha: is there any role the united states can play to aid the people on the ground who desperately want a democracy? >> i think the united states does have a seat at the table. we give egypt aid. it's mainly military assistance. but the big check writers in egypt are the wealthy gulf oil states. saudi arabia, kuwait, the united arab emirates. they don't want a return of the muslim brotherhood in egypt because that's what they fear in their country, a move to unseat them to throw them out of power.
7:06 am
our role should be we have aid. we want you to have a consensual government. murdering people on the streets is not the way to do this. bill: kidnapped teenager hannah anderson apparently take together internet to answer questions about her ordeal. we have not been able to independently confirm it. friend said it was definitely her and she posted this note oat of herself online. when asked about the kidnapper she reportedly called him a psycho and quote he deserved what he got. >> reporter: in the last week, this story has take and lot of twists and turns. saturday authorities actually rescues hannah in a remote part of idaho. at the same time they killed her
7:07 am
alleged kidnapper james dimaggio after they say he killed hannah's mother and brother. then someone reporting to be hannah started posting on media sites. when asked what she would say to her brother she said, quote, i wish i could go back in time and risk my life trying to save them. she is talking about her mom and brother. i'll never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them. when asked why she didn't run, she said he would have killed her. some pictures have been posted. several of hannah and one of her dog that was killed in the fire that killed her mother and brother. the san diego sheriff has not confirmed this is hannah. but some of her close friend told local media in san diego it
7:08 am
is definitely her posting on these sites. march report accused fort hood shooter back in the courtroom following a day of emotional testimony from a federal investigator who says the crime scene was so gruesome it was quote the worst he had seen. major nadal hassan accused of offing fire and killing 13 people and injuring several others pmp. others. >> reporter: the fbi made a 7-minute video, walking through the crime scene. it was not long after the crime happened. a large flat screen television hangs on the wall inside the courtroom and yesterday it was
7:09 am
turned off when that video was shown to protect the family members sitting in the courtroom. only smaller screens on the journal's bench and the monitor on hassan's defense table. 146 total shell casings were recovered. six magazines. 270 bullet holes, according to the fbi processing team. today's focus is going to be on autopsies. six forensic pathologists ready to take the stand. they will be going through the injuries and the evidence recovered from the 13 people who died in this attack. they were flown to dover tear force base where the military mortuary services are. dover is the spot where any troop that is killed in the line of duty on the battle feed at home, it will be a tough day in that courtroom. again all of the autopsy photos not shown on that big screen tv because you do have a handful of
7:10 am
victim's family members sitting inside that courtroom, martha. bill: should you have to show identification? a photo i.d. in order to vote in america? north carolina is at the center of a national battle. the justice department is being called in to investigate. martha: look at these floods shutting down highways and roads. where people are trying to stay afloat and what they can expect next. bill: a rodeo act that features a clown wearing a president obama mask. was that out of line or no big deal. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
7:11 am
7:12 am
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i hear you crunching. bill: the twister packed 85-mile-an-hour winds knocking down trees and power lines. and took the roof off a few homes. here is how one woman described what she saw. >> reporter: my air-conditioning unit started coming through the window. i'm trying to hold tonight. i ran out to my grandmother. pillows were flying. >> reporter: this is the scene in philadelphia. roads were shut down and a few homes and businesses flood. we are told drivers had to be rescued from their cars in some places. martha: a north carolina senator is calling on the justice department to review her state's
7:15 am
new voter i.d. law saying these laws infringe on the rights of citizens. but supporters say the legislation helps crack down on voter fraud. juan williams and charles krauthammer debate this last night. >> we have blind spec surveillance of our elections. if there was evidence that any democrat was pursuing cheating republicans would be ballistic. martha: north carolina is among 30 states that do have some kind of voter i.d. law. more than half the country has these laws in place that north carolina is to enact. joining us is require lowery and alan colmes. what do you think of the back
7:16 am
and forth between charles krauthammer and juan. >> what many happening in north carolina. it isn't just voter i.d. they are restricting early voting. they are restricting days you can vote. they know it will be aimed at people who will vote democratic. in pennsylvania where there is voter i.d., the majority leader of the house said it's to help romney win. that they admitted it. there are very few understand kent of voter fraud that takes place at the voting booth. most of it happened in absentee voting. absentee or when you register to vote. >> i think that's ridiculous. the north carolina laugh is common sense. you have to show an i.d. to get into this building. you have to show an i.d. to vote. they are reducing the number of days for early voting in north
7:17 am
carolina. but they will increase the number of sites and increase the number of hours because the goal is to keep the total hours available for early voting exactly the same. we are in new york, which doesn't have no questions asked early voting the way north carolina does. so carolina is more liberal than new york so i guess alan wants the justice department to change new york state voting laws because they are discriminatory against minorities. >> studies found since 2000 there have been 633 cases of voter fraud almost all of which are absentee voting or registration when you don't show i.d. >> does new york have a system more hostile to minorities than north carolina? new york doesn't have early voting.
7:18 am
by your logic it does. >> they are not narrowing what already exists. martha: alan, just on the basic sense of this. why would you object to asking someone top get an i.d.? it's free, they are going to mix birth certificates and all of the document free of charge to anyone who needs them. plus they have two years to get an i.d. what's the big deal asking someone to get an i.d. >> i thought conservatives were against unnecessary legislation. martha: why are you so sensitive about asking someone to get an i.d. you need it to get in the building and need it to buy sudafed. >> voting is a right. this is purely for you the purpose of their offing the democratic vote. it's a restriction. it's an outrage that they are doing this. >> there is no evidence whatsoever in the states that
7:19 am
have adopted these laws and most have, that it's suppressed the turnout. >> they haven't been allowed to adopt these laws and they haven't been in place. martha: i'm going to play a sound bite from hillary clinton. >> not every obstacle is related to race. but anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in american elections must not be paying attention. martha: the supreme court thick we are past the point where states need to get permission to change their voter laws. >> a lot of republicans don't agree with how the supreme court voted on the affordable care act. >> they voted 6-3 to hold up indiana's voter i.d. law. these laws have been in place
7:20 am
for a number of years. >> why is it after the supreme court ruralled on the voting rights act, it was only the red states with red state governors with republican legislatures that rushed to get in voter i.d. as soon as they could. why only red states? >> they are more common sense. voter i.d. is common sense. you cannot get purchase the fact that new york has a more restrictive law on early voting and i.d. than north carolina. martha: this is a hot one. >> we are going to duke it out. bill: a scary situation for parents. how one family says their baby monitor was harked:'. someone was using it to talk to their kid in her bedroom. martha: an update on the condition of sarah murnaghan
7:21 am
weeks after undergoing two lung transplants. wait until you see these pictures. how are you feeling? sarah, your walk today was amazing. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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martha: remember our stories about little sara murnahan. she is the 11-year-old girl who survived two lung transplants at a court battle to be on the list. she is able to walk and she is talking. her mom posted this video for us on facebook. take a look. >> what's that?
7:25 am
martha: that is so sweet. look at her. able to walk. she will have another surgery today, we understand, to help relief acid reflux. doctors say it is common with transplant surgeries. she cobarely move in the bed. her mother is really a fighter. and she did not give up, did not give up. bill: strong, strong woman. martha: yeah. bill: wait to go, sarah. we're pulling for you. delays of the implementation of obamacare adding anxiety to many businesses in america but nowhere is the uncertainty over the rules worse than in the restaurant industry and wendell goler is is live on the story in martha's vineyard where the president continues his vacation. how is obamacare being received there, wendell? good morning. >> reporter: with a bit of
7:26 am
trepidation in some quarters, bill. it is hard to apply it here in martha's vineyard because this is such a sighsnal place, little traffic in the winter. huge boom in the summer months. restaurant staffing here varies accordingly. industry experts say that complication was one of the reasons they pushed for a delay in mandate for businesses with more than 50 workers for health insurance. it is not sometimes sure whether a businesses in place like this are covered. >> there are many restaurants that have influx in the summer or holidays. this is where in the past they didn't really worry about how many people they had working on a particular shift or how many people they had working in a particular month but now they have to really take account for all of that very deliberately. >> reporter: scott says the government needs to decide if a restaurant that only qualifies for the mandate one quarter of the year actually qualifies at all. bill? bill: a lot of folks trying to figure this out. what is the latest reported
7:27 am
obamacare delay, wendell? >> reporter: well that delay affects the cap on out-of-pocket expenses for some people whose insurers use different companies to manage medical bills and prescriptions. they haven't yet figured out a way to accurately combine those out-of-pocket costs when different companies bill them. so they have applied the cap to each. insurance industry experts say there's a learning curve. >> they're actually trying to recreate many of the functions that the insurance companies have spent hundreds of years getting good at doing. what they're going to learn is, this is not so easy. >> reporter: what it means is, that next year the cap on out-of-pocket expenses could actually double for some people to $12,700, bill. bill: wendell goler in martha's vineyard. martha. martha: raging wildfires are threatening to engulf entire neighborhoods. we're live with the very latest details on that. bill: also a small town fair
7:28 am
grabbing national attention after a rodeo clown seen here wore a mask of the president. the latest this morning what we're hearing about this out of missouri. listen. >> we hold them accountable and we certainly hold this person accountable for their actions and, you know, we're going, he will not be out here again, i promise you that. [ male announcer ] it's the adt back to school savings event.
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bill: fox news alert now. the violence on the streets of cairo and various cities throughout the country of egypt
7:32 am
have gone to another level today. reports of nearly 100 dead in the streets when the military made a move against supporters of the ousted president mohammed morsi. in addition, a sky news photographer, age 61, he was killed today, shot and killed on the streets of cairo. we're watching the story as the day time grows into nighttime. the tear gas is still in the streets today. we'll let you know what headlines we get out of egypt. it is a country on the brink, possibly the brink of another war. martha: and there are fresh wildfires across the west of this country today, bringing the total to 35 active fires in at least a dozen states. in utah, at least a dozen homes have already been destroyed. hundreds more there are in danger right now. >> the fire was coming around the end of the mountain here and it was just, i couldn't see anything because there was so much smoke. there was a lot of people in tears, a lot of people scared. we sat there and watched the front side of the mountain,
7:33 am
toward the lakeside, a lot of homes burning. martha: alicia acuna is live in denver for us. what caused fire in utah, alicia? >> reporter: hi, martha. officials are saying that they believe this fire in park city, utah, was ignited by a lightning strike. high winds quickly picked up the flame and moved quickly to destroy several homes in the resort area. this is a place where people keep a lot of second homes, vacation places but according to the fire officer manager on the ground, the dozens of houses taken so far were primary residences northeast of town. >> we have fires around homes where we used dozers at the initial attack. punch a quick line around it but not get there. we have homes completely surrounded by black. vegetation completely gone but we were able to preserve the homes. >> reporter: the red cross is now settings up shelters preparing for families displaced. martha. martha: there are several other fires burning across the west as
7:34 am
well, right? >> reporter: that's right. for instance in idaho the governor there has issued a disaster declaration for the southern part of the state which has been impacted by wildfires there. and in the central part of the state, fire crews are hoping that favorable winds are going to help them gain control over this lightning-caused blaze that affected more than 140 square miles. in colorado, evacuations are underway in the western part of the state for a fire there. >> we've had a lot of rain lately, especially this season but things are still really dry. so from that standpoint, whatever's burning up there is going to burn quickly and that was evidenced yesterday. >> reporter: that is an area called glenwood springs. fire officials say that blaze is only about 10% contained. martha, this area has very steep terrain and a lot of trees. so that means a lot fuel for the fire. martha? martha: thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. bill: new nallout -- fallout
7:35 am
today over a rodeo act in the state of missouri that feature ad clown wearing a president obama mask. everyone hitting roof. lawmakers calling it out of line that is from republican and democrats. some suggest the skit was racist? here is a clip from the radio show, rodeo. >> don't forget obama. president obama. >> hey, i know i'm a clown. he just runs around acting like one. doesn't know he is one. bill: michael gram, a talk show host for "the boston herald" radio and columnist for "the boston herald." zelina maxwell, also a columnist. good morning to you. they're going crazy over this, guys. the announcer resigned. he was president of the rodeo association. the organizer has apologized. all the officials and subcontractors associated with this have been ordered to take sensitivity training, michael. what do you think? >> oh, my gosh, somebody making
7:36 am
fun of a president? that's never happened before. i'm so glad when george w. bush was president we didn't see people with banners with him, hitler mustache and plays on stage in, off-broadway calling for his assassination. no one ever made president -- bill: i'm so glad lincoln was president there wean cartoons portraying him as a april. oh wait they were. it is a joke. you may not like the joke. missouri has a state has right to fire the guy if he doesn't like the joke but the that this affront or racist is patently nonsense. bill: what do you think about all that. >> i think this is actually something, sure we're not call forge a march on washington but it is not funny. this president has received more threats than any president in american history and i think it is interesting that you compare it to abraham lincoln. are you sure you want to do that? i don't think so. this president is hated by many in this country and why would we want to encourage violence toward the presidentany, you
7:37 am
don't see the humor in this? >> i don't see the humor. bill: based on that answer. >> certainly not something we need to be protesting in the streets about but i think you can have a joke that is much better taste. this man has a family. he has children. we don't want encourage violence toward this president that is already seeing 400% more threats. bill: gotcha. michael, what was the violence threatened there? >> look, i didn't say it was a good joke. i did stand-up comedy for good years. >> okay. >> made fun of all the presidents. if i had been threatened with government action like department of justice investigation for every bad joke i told i would be a life prisoner right now. it was just a joke. there was no harm done. why is it different? did all the mockery of all other presidents at parade in 190's in fill dell, guys sweeping after animals were wearing reagan masks. they were scooping up horse poop in reagan masks. i don't remember a single reporter saying we made fun of president. this is america. if you don't like it.
7:38 am
>> keep it to presidents which have been shot that is interesting. bill: this is a president bush mask. we've seen this before. >> sure. bill: it was in pennsylvania. it was in 1994. quote, the bull came out bucking. a dummy with a george bush mask stood aside the clown. propped up by a broomstick. the crowd cheered. of bull saw the george bush dummy, tore it into, sent the mask halfway across the sand as he tore toward the fence. zelina is there double-standard? >> i think there is one standard. we shouldn't do this with any president. i don't think, appropriate for us to do it when it's the president of the united states. you candies agree with his policies but why are which mowing him down with a bull? why are we cheering that? that is not american. >> why did jefferson and adams have satirical cartoons mocking each other's manhood and suggesting they were traitors and having sex with members of the french government. >> that was different era. that was different era.
7:39 am
>> there is only one difference. double standard. >> that is not a double-standard. >> you call for limiting speech. that is what the left does. you don't believe in free speech. you believe you get to talk and everyone else stuffs up. >> i don't believe that. i think that a president is receiving 30 threats every single day. secret service is overstretched. we may be don't want to make jokes about mowing down the president with a bull. we can do things that are more creative. >> that is your problem. number one problem for the president. >> make a better joke. bill: there is republican lieutenant governor, who denounced the stunt and demanded that the governor, a democrat, jay nixon, hold people responsible and claire mccast kill called the incident shameful. >> i remember all those same quotes when it was happening to w, hw, reagan, clinton. >> i don't encourage that. i think we should be respecting the president no matter who he is. >> you don't believe in free speech. bill: humor for you and zelina you're highly offended.
7:40 am
>> i'm not highly offended. you can make a better joke. if you're so funny make a smarter joke. bill: michael, last word. >> i'm not for kepting the joke at all. if bad jokes were punishment, joe biden would be a life prisoner right next to me. >> okay. bill: we've got to run. thanks to both of you. 20 minutes best hour. thank you. i guess the rodeo will not try this again. martha: i guess not. bill: he is out of a gig in missouri. martha: certainly everyone has the right to free speech. michael gram is saying that. i also agree with her. the fact it is in bad taste. so there's a question of bad taste. if it is reagan or bush or president obama, i think it is in bad taste. if i was sitting there with my kids i would say, don't laugh at that. that is the president of the united states they're making fun of. i don't care what party he is from. bill: this is good topic for kilmeade in radio. martha: we will talk about that coming up. good idea. also coming up here, a
7:41 am
machete-wielding man causing panic in a store. we'll show you chilling surveillance tape. what's going on? bill: this couple left tear guide after someone allegedly hacked their baby monitor and yelled at their kid in the crib. >> almost couldn't live without him. like somebody broke into our house. said wake up allison you little [bleep] [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
7:42 am
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7:44 am
bill: check out this armed robbery. happened at a wal-mart in arizona. watch the man in the hooded sweatshirt. goes hyped the counter. starts stuffing a bag with cigarettes and alcohol. when an employee confronts him, the suspect pulls out a rather unusual weapon. listen. >> pulls out a machete and brandishes it towards the employee, who then, backs off. tells the other employee stay away and call 911. bill: well, police tracked down a 26-year-old suspect after he fled that store. he has been charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. arizona.
7:45 am
martha: this is a very weird story. it was a very frightening evening for one texas family after a hacker, apparently took control of their baby monitor webcam that they had set up in the child's room. that gave the stranger access to the daughter's bedroom. parents say the intruder took over this camera, and then they heard him, the camera turned and her name, allison was written on the wall on a plaque. there you go. so then he started calling her names, calling her a little, blank, word, i don't want to stay say on television. he moved camera around to see the room. listen to this. >> as a father, you know, i'm supposed to protect her against people like this. so it's, it is a little embarrassing to say the least but, it is not going to happen again. martha: went in there and ripped the court out to make it stop. john lucich a detective and former criminal investigator.
7:46 am
how did this happen? >> they felt somebody came through the wireless. that is scariest part about this case. when someone comes through your internet connection they could be anywhere in the world. when they're coming through your wireless they have to be in range of the house. most likely this pervert was within 500 feet of their house. that is what make its it scary. martha: there is discussion how you can drive around basically, we all see it pop up on your phone, different wireless options as you go buy, houses and stores. so if it is an easy one for them to get into, that is how they're doing it right? >> one way to minimize. that is ssid, service identify fer. we understand what networks are out there and can connect if we have identification. by not broadcasting your ssid that gives less to the criminals outside. can they find out? yes. people driving around looking for networks are looking fors ssids, if something doesn't show up. martha: how do you block it? for a person who doesn't know a
7:47 am
lot about how these things work, what do you do? >> number one, you have to have a strong, a strong password. number two, don't broadcast the ssid so people can see that. can they intercept the packets? most hackers don't do that. hiding the ssid by not broadcasting and deal with secure sites. remember if it is not a secure application that you're using with a secure password anybody will be able to get in. martha: i have another question for you. people are accessing all these home security systems now. you can go to home depot, buy cameras, set them up on your house. you can an app that shows the camera and if you're aware see if there is packaging at front door and who is at the front door at your home. there is nothing to stop other outside people and hacking into that and watching your house all the time, are there? >> the great thing about technology it puts us in touch. the bad side of technology it puts us in touch. remember the bad guys can get to
7:48 am
us. if they can get into the pentagon they can get into yourt using system, take it down. no way somebody can get it. you have to be careful what you put in your kids rooms. remember if it is type of camera also picking up voice, that voice is being broadcast out. they have actually wireless detectors where you can go through a neighborhood and locate wireless cameras like this. once you connect to that, you can then from the outside of the house, see what is going on, take control of that camera, move that around. i have got to make sure the systems are secure and locked down. martha: if you're a pervert or child molester, want to know who the children are that live in the house, how old they are, this is very dangerous thing. tells everybody what is home and not home and what your patterns are. >> these people need to contact police. i read in the story they didn't. they need to let them know may be somebody in their neighborhood. maybe cops can allay their fears, maybe it wasn't wireless, that it was in the internet connection. martha: i know you're very much
7:49 am
on top of it, john. thank you very much for being with us. we'll do more on this. thank you. >> thank you. bill: especially within 500 feet of your home too. martha: yeah. bill: martha, thank you. jon scott standing by. "happening now" rolls your way soon. welcome back. >> that was really creepy story you just had. let's tell what you is ahead on "happening now." we're keeping eye on breaking news in egypt. army moved in to stop sit-in protests. scores may be injured. we'll take you there live. roleout of obamacare hitting more speed bumps. we'll have the latest and political analysis as well. why the fda is keeping an eye on the growing popularity of sleeping pill prescriptions in this country. dramatic progress in the fight against cancer. it is all about the genes. that is ahead "happening now." bill: see you at the top. hour. some of the biggest names in the republican party making their way to boston this week. what they're planning and how it could affect the future of the
7:50 am
entire party. we'll tell you. deep space cuisine, what you would want to eat if you were hagging out on mars. ♪ [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies.
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7:53 am
martha: what would you want to eat if you were an astronaut heading to mars? six researchers created these special deep space menu while living inside of a two-story dome for four months on a barren hawaii lava field. >> space exploration cooking is not very popular because cooking is expensive. it takes time and resources. what do you want? you want unhappy, underperforming crew or do you want a happy crew? martha: we want a happy crew, of
7:54 am
course you do. you have cajun jumbalaya and fried rice dishes and non-perishable and said to include spam. there is always that. i knew i didn't want to be astronaut. bill: some of the biggest name in republican politics are arriving in boston for a rnc summer session. newt gingrich is there and chris christie. reince priebus, chair of the rnc. molly line is waiting for all of them. why did they pick boston, molly? >> reporter: massachusetts is the bluest of blue states. warm up the dem welcome wagon. this is usually democratic territory. the gop said the decision was much broader than that some of this call was made shortly after the boston bombing occurred and wanted to come here and stand with the city of boston and show their support. that is just one of the reasons. they say this plays into a broader strategy. we had a chance to speak with the rnc press secretary and she
7:55 am
weighs in on the broader strategy. take a listen. >> it kind of plays into our theme we're talking about here while we're in boston this week which is, we're doing a 50-state strategy. we're going back to the basics and basically start spending resources and having staff politically in every state, whether it would be a blue state like massachusetts, blue state like california and every red state in between. >> reporter: they also say they're planning to expand their ground operations particularly strongly in minority communities all across the country, reaching out to women, working on their strategies as far as communication online is concerned. they have a lot of work to do and they're planning to get a lot done here in boston the next couple days. bill: over the next couple of days what else do they have planned, molly? >> reporter: things kick off today with a workshop. newt gingrich and reince priebus will beholding it. chris christie is expected to speak around lunchtime. they have workshops they will work on. some townhall participants will
7:56 am
be speaking. on friday the rnc expressed significant concerns about a couple of documentaries in the works of being made about hillary clinton by nbc, by cnn they said there could be a vote on that held on friday and ultimately lead to the rnc not holding debates with those entities. that is something to watch, a possibility for friday. bill: molly line on the ground in boston. martha. martha: there is deadly chaos today and a lost violence that is gripping egypt. there is a live shot at cairo 4:56 p.m. a state of emergency has now been declared there. security forces employed snipers to bulldozers to push protesters out of the square. churches have been torch the. christians have been targeted. we've seen the death of a 10-year-old child, all of this in a crisis spinning out of control. we'll be right back. what are you doing back there?
7:57 am
ow! that hurt! no, no, no, no. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no! (mom vo) you never know what life's gonna throw at you. if i gotta wear clothes, you gotta wear clothes. (mom vo) that's why i got a subaru. i just pulled up. he did what now? no he's never done that before! oh really? i might have some clothes in the car. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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martha: we're busy after we leave here. we'll talk to brian on the
8:00 am
radio. that is always a lot of fun. i will be back for america live today. busy day. bill: look for you then. okay, everybody, have a great day. "happening now" starts right now. catch you on thursday. martha: bye, everybody. jenna: we start off with a fox news alert and a state of emergency declared in egypt today. the acting egyptian government announced this will last one month and be in effect across that country. what that means, the armed force, the military is now ordered to help enforce security. this is following violence as police moved in to break up those camps that have been supporting the former president who is aligned with muslim brotherhood. his name, mohammed morsi. we're getting reports of dozens killed, not only protesters but also police as well as more reports of christians being targeted inside that country. a live report from the middle east moments from now. first right now, brand new stories and breaking news. jon: a


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